The Performing Arts Coalition (PAC) invites you to put down your device and see what’s trending on stage by joining us for the 2019 edition of ROSE EXPOSED, an annual celebration of the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center presented by three dance companies, two theatre companies and a music company, all in residence at the Rose.

These six companies represent the highest level of artistic experience and are each influencers in their own right, in both their respective fields and the community.

Once a year, they co-produce a lively, one-night-only showing of all-new short works: some created that day, some rehearsed a few days in advance, all being shared with their first (and maybe only) audience—you! Once we arrived at a theme and title for this year’s installment—#TRENDING—total freedom of interpretation was offered to the playwrights and choreographers.

Gina Bachauer presents Hungarian-American pianist Peter Klimo, last seen onstage at the Rose Wagner in the 2018 Bachauer International Artists Piano Competition. A passionate chamber musician, he is the collaborator for each #TRENDING performance, offering music of Hungarian composers Bela Bartók, Franz Liszt and Ernő Dohnányi with additional compositions by German master Ludwig van Beethoven.

Plan-B Theatre’s contribution is BOMBASTIC BLUE, a new 10-minute play by Olivia Custodio built around Liszt’s Transcendental Etude No. 12 ‘Chasse-neige”. What happens when you shrug off the news to follow click-bait about fashion and pop culture? The end still comes; you’re just less prepared. BOMBASTIC BLUE is a dark comic cocktail: one part bomb-shelter, one part extramarital affair, one part ill-timed selfie, garnished with a look inward that comes one apocalypse too late.

PYGmalion Theatre Company’s contribution will predictably dabble in everything trending about #WomensVoices from #MeToo to #Soccergirl to #TWERKING. Music TBA.

RoseExposed_July 19, 2019_Duhaime-4

Repertory Dance Theatre’s dancers and artistic staff, led by Nicholas Cendese, are creating something truly of the moment, set to Beethoven’s Sonata in A major Op. 2 No. 2.

Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company will create work that very day, three duets set to Bartók’s Three Burlesques, choreographed by Artistic Director Daniel Charon in collaboration with the Company’s six dancers.

SB Dance bends its signature style of dance and theatre around Lizst’s Benediction de Dieu dans la solitudein a meditation on trends that never really disappear.

ROSE EXPOSED: #TRENDING promises an evening that provokes laughter, thought, and awe. The artists are ready to take the audience to a fresh, unexpected, and one-night-only experience.

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The Blocks SLC will also unveil a public art piece on August 24:  a Rose Wagner-inspired crosswalk mural by Jann Haworth on the street directly in front of the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center.

Rose Mural Mockup v01

Jann Haworth is the Mom of the British Pop Art movement - the Mom of Pop - perhaps best known as the co-designer of  The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover. Her other large-scale, collaborative work in Salt Lake City includes the SLC Pepper mural on 400 W between 200 S and 300 S, the Dennis Hopper mural at Picturline and the traveling exhibit Work In Progress.

From the artist: "Murals tell the visual story of an area. Designing a crosswalk as a mural opportunity asks the artist to think carefully about safety needs for both drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Further, the idea asks how to reflect place, give photo narrative opportunities and add color to an area.

With this in mind, my first though was safety and how not to confuse drivers by inhibiting their ‘low perspective’ view of a crosswalk.The area has a lot going on with parking/bikelanes/crosswalks, facilities, restaurants, valet parking and traffic lights, not to mention pedestrians.

My second thought was this will be the third time I’ve got to do something on Broadway. My grandfather and his brother were actors around and after the turn of the 20th century. They too, were on Broadway, but in New York City.

And then there is the Rose Wagner itself. I have been to many many performances there; my late husband's citizenship ceremony was there; my son-in-law (who is performing in this year's ROSE EXPOSED: #TRENDING and my daughter are both actors and have performed there; I have designed costumes for Plan-B; I have accompanied my daughter to many plays that she has reviewed for The Salt Lake Tribune and Gephardt Daily; I’ve loved seeing the Sundance Film Festival films there. Then too, there is SB Dance, Spy Hop premieres, Samba Fogo and Rose Exposed.

The Rose is a cultural pump house.

So the artwork had to be a rose, with the intersection of four spotlights creating the rose design."

You know, it's possible to see the Gandhi Alliance for Peace/Granite School District/Plan-B Theatre/United Nations Association of Utah production of THE POST OFFICE (running August 24-26), on August 24: run time is 55 minutes, so you could actually see the 7pm show and then catch ROSE EXPOSED: #TRENDING at 8pm! (not to mention that at 6pm, The Blocks SLC will officially unveil Jann Haworth's street mural "Rose Crossing" directly in front of the Rose.

ROSE EXPOSED is an annual event produced by the Performing Arts Coalition to bring audience and artists together. Simply put, we want you to get in the habit of coming to the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center.


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