History of the Performing Arts Coalition (PAC)

In 1989, the Performing Arts Coalition (PAC) was created to define the need for a small performing arts center and to garner the public and private support necessary to create a true community facility. After years of dreaming, planning and hard work our collective efforts resulted in the grand opening of Phase I of the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center in 1996 and the full facility in 2001.

The Rose Wagner is a tribute to public-private partnership, a home for artists, a community gathering place and a catalyst for economic recovery in a once derelict area of downtown Salt Lake City. The vision of an affordable, accessible and sustainable facility to serve independent artists and smaller performing arts groups has been realized and is now the envy of visitors from larger metropolitan cities who wish they had a comparable center. Hosting more events than any other County arts building, the Rose is filled with performances, rehearsals, workshops, classes and symposiums that nurture artists and audiences of all ages.

While the original board of the Performing Arts Coalition completed its task, a new PAC made up of artists and users of the Rose continues to meet. Our new mission is to serve performing artists and arts organizations who struggle to find adequate rehearsal, performance and support spaces in the County. Nurturing a sense of cooperation, the PAC now provides a means to unify the diverse voices of local artists and arts organizations.

The members of PAC are working together to make all the activities at the Rose Wagner more successful. Together we make our Broadway neighborhood a destination place for thousands of people who need to be introduced to the excitement that only happens on Broadway in downtown Salt Lake City.

While many members of the general public are patrons of the Rose Wagner, there are countless numbers of potential audience members who have yet to be introduced to the variety of artistic programs that are offered in this important arts center.

In 2012, PAC created ROSE EXPOSED, an annual collaborative event that introduces the public to the facility and its resident companies. Activities in the Rose helps the “branding” of the Broadway mile and helps nurture all the businesses and all the arts events that takes place in one of the most vibrant and interesting areas in downtown Salt Lake City.




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